Kosmo Capital GM Ltd

Hiring Program

Kosmo Capital GM Ltd relies on a simple algorithm to calculate the marginal number of additional traders in order to expand the Trading Operation and sustain increasing returns and targets (see Annex).

Rather then continuously raising daily profit targets for Traders and Fund Managers, KC aims at systematically increasing the number of independent traders as the Net Result and Private Capital grow in order to boost returns and diversify risk (roughly 1 Trader every 250K Net AUM Increase).

Profit targets per Trader vary between 100,000 GBP per annum at entry level up to 550,000 GBP per Annum for Senior Traders (see Annex)

Additional Traders = {AUM n - [Num. Traders * an]} / an

an=(an-1 * [1 + 0.2]}
a1=250,000 an <= 350,000 (minimum amount of extra capital for 1 additional trader)
kn = Correction Factor

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